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a warmer linkedin

generative art
art direction

for a few years, I partnered with linkedin to improve how members share & consume content

no more man in the blue suit.

I led two massive overhauls, for both the home feed and how users post content. it was time for linkedin to move away from cold and corporate, to warm and humanized. with more members, new needs and an ever-changing marketplace, linkedin sought to elevate design by listening to research and evolving their design languages.

In 2019, sessions increased 25% yoy, with 350+ billion feed updates viewed.

As the UX lead on the consumer product for web, iOS, and Android within the Content Experience organization, I partnered with product and engineering to co-lead a scrum team with the goal of improving how members and companies post content on LinkedIn. We were able to grow content creation by XX% year over year by modernizing tools and introducing new ones. I also led the redesign of LinkedIn polls, the home feed, and the sharebox, which successfully reignited posting activities.

currently designing from los angeles ca

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