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ui design



pillar lead


feed & sharing re-design

helping a $28b social network modernize content creation & consumption through warmth, accessibility & reaching a wider audience.

an inclusive social network



no more man in the blue suit. it was time for linkedin to move away from cold and corporate, to warm and humanized. with more members, new needs and an ever-changing marketplace, linkedin sought to elevate design by listening to research and evolving their design languages.



I worked within the Home and sharing space. Using warmth, inclusion and humanity, i was able to work closely with infra, design systems and marketing to experiment and validate a new mobile-first visual design, type scale and illustration system.

Original work
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by focusing on member needs first, we were able to introduce a simpler, more inclusive design system across the feed — including cards, actions and content. other teams led the remaining pillars. I led the sharing team as well, in which we took this time as an opportunity to leverage better navigation, components and tech stack. for the sharing team, this led to significant content growth year over year.

ultimately, making it easier for all members to use, share and consume content on linkedin through a vetted design system and transparent content writing. leading to a better overall experience and an increase in shared content. create a better post on linkedin, right now.