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An illustrator turned product designer with work featured on Forbes, The Tonight Show, and Tech Crunch. Having worked with Google, LinkedIn, Nintendo, and so many more. I've spent nearly 20 years building products and relationships with small and large companies, teams and processes. I love a good challenge, but prefer to take risks with good people and good vibes only. I specialize in clean and scalable thinking and design, coupled with flexible working models and a mild sense of humor.

for ux strategy prototyping & zero to one products

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hatch freelancing

creative direction and product design for mobile app aimed at simplifying contract work. hatch empowers creatives, developers, marketers and so many more by allowing them to easily send contracts, track time and get paid without hassle.


in 2019 I worked closely with the linkedin consumer teams to re-think the way members post content. this involved several projects mapped to a modernized vision. this involved working with design systems, accessibility and a myriad of partners.

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sydney russakov

personal webflow site design and development for sr. product manager working with folks like Linkedin, Evernote and Disney.

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a while back i collaborated with the google maps tokyo teams to surface more user generated content within the consumer product. this gave users access to the myriad of video content available but often difficult to locate. we added a dedicated location, sequential auto-play, and a framework to build on top of.

peanut for chrome

I led design & art direction for Peanut, a new and free chrome extension. We highlight covid-19 risk, flight delays and much more to make traveling a little easier.

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collect feedback from your professional network — create a poll on linkedin in 30 seconds or less.


a while back I worked with the google maps and search teams to introduce real-time crowd data into maps. this allowed users to get a better sense of their plans by providing quick access insights as to how busy a place really was. try it today on google maps.

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Book a table, haircut or even a fitness class right from Google Maps. We make it easy and ultimately quick to get in and get out.


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