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Over a decade of design

Alex is a passionate and versatile product designer focusing on user experience, visual and interaction design — with over a decade of experience working on everything from social apps for Converse to features across Google Search and Maps. His work has been featured on The Tonight Show, The Today's Show and the AIGA.

His ability to stay crisp on the minutiae while keeping sight of the holistic user experience is something I found myself constantly impressed by

Whether it's high-fidelity mock-ups or brainstorming next iterations, everyone wants him on their team. He's a master of prototyping.. and super fast!

Alex is an illustrator at his core, while finding ways to dress that with the mentality of an engineer. He spends his time traveling, enjoys photographing automotive and scenic landscapes, all while still finding time to mentor others. From salon style chats for the AIGA to 1:1 instruction hosted by GSV Labs, he continues to find ways to learn from and teach others during his plethora of career stints.

His strengths lie within art direction, visual and interaction design, while still versed in research methodology and UX strategy. Take a look at some more work on my Dribbble profile also. Below are a few samples of recent conceptual work.

Banking App Exploration
Uber Ferrari UI Kit
iOS Folder
Uber Ferrari Concept
Ride Along
Nav Search on Google