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alex lakas


The story of a Bay Area product designer —

From an early age, I've set out to beautify the digital world we live in everyday. I've been helping folks out, small and large ever since. Today, I work on embedding clean, simplistic design into complicated and unshaped user experiences with a combination of standardized and accessible visual design, couple with detailed and organic prototyping and interaction design.


having worked with Linkedin Google GSV Labs Air National Guard AIGA Journeys Zippo & Nintendo

After a few years of lithography and screen printing, I found myself working on social media and ecommerce products.

I'm a believer in humanized design. Doing my best to use minimalism and typography to communicate less is more throughout my work. I find a combination of editorial and web design to often meet in the middle on layout, style and behavior. I very much enjoy collaborative spaces and moving large scale projects into people's hands, while rapidly iterating our way to the finish line.

While currently helping out the folks over at Linkedin, I'm always happy to chat. Get the social goods below & lmk if you wanna chat about cool stuff, design & anti-coronavirus things. Also, much thanks to unsplash for a lot of my case study hero imagery.

With work featured on The Tonight Show, AIGA & Tech Crunch


I've also been known to help others

From design systems to webflow, I like to stay connected to the community and mentor others. i've also had the pleasure of working with mentorship programs including AIGA, GSV Labs and Linkedin, from individuals to groups, to help them improve on process, communication and execution.

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Aside from mentorship and speaking, I also enjoy sharing my learnings with others through writing. This includes through platforms such as Linkedin and Medium.

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