alex lakas / sr. product designer

designing with folks like –––––– linkedin / google / ueno / aiga / maybe you

Hey there. Hello and welcome to the show.

I'm Alex, a motivated full-stack designer focusing on clean and scalable user experience, visual and interaction design — working on everything from social gaming to features across Google Search and Maps.

lately, i’ve been nerding out on 3d modeling, trying to better understand light and depth outside of 2d design – but my background lies in simple yet profitable product design for startups, corporations and beyond.

from social apps to google maps – i’ve found myself working on daily need products with accessibility and quality always top of mind. This means marrying product development with research and engineering, amongst daily stakeholder buy-ins, rapid labs and tracking metrics.

web / mobile
visual / user experience
interaction design
field studies
product planning
some motion / 3d

I’m always exploring new ways to incorporate simple design into everyday life – whether it be through animation, photography, engineering or mentorship.

take a gander at some highlighted work below

Product and conceptual projects

Modernizing Linkedin's Feed & Sharing

I led and collaborated on a massive effort to revamp Linkedin's consumer design language - focusing on feed and sharing across web, mobile and design systems.

Live Popular Times on Google Maps

A much in demand real-time update to the well known Popular Times block on Google Maps, and ultimately featured on the Tonight Show. I worked closely with research and designers to lab test and iterate on this scalable design. I worked closely with a writer and motion designer to test and launch this real time feature to restaurants, airports and venues across local listings on Google Maps and Search. This project led to a patent and paved the way for others features like estimated wait times.

Google My Business

Our team was responsible for migrating local businesses off of Google+ and onto a new suite of business products housed in one spot in a stand alone web and mobile app allowing them to manage and promote their Google listings. I helped launch the first wave of this business suite starting in emerging markets, and eventually over 20+ countries worldwide.

even more work

linkedin polls
posting on linkedin
modernizing local search
est. wait times
local bookings on google
Typeless search on Google Maps

alrighty, that's all for now – but feel free to reach out via linkedin in to learn more about my work, general chit chat or mentorship opportunities.