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ui design



webflow development

sydeny russakov

website development & design

client needed a personal site to convey work and life in a simple, modern way. I worked with her to design and build a custom webflow site that can be managed collaboratively.

Some photos from unsplash

the story



client was using dated site builder and wanted to migrate to webflow. they also wanted to design a more eye catching experience.



Inspired by brutalist and contemporary web design, I designed and built a webflow site to house that plus client's core work and life summary.

Photo from unsplash
Some photos from unsplash


the result is a responsive and managable website built using webflow tech. The design captures original photography, motion design and trendy web practices.

Some photos from unsplash
Photo from unsplash
Some photos from unsplash

below is a modern and responsive take on her needs and against her existing squarespace site. ultimately, making it easier for the client to manage in tandem but also partake in thought evoking and scalable design across web and mobile.

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let's connect

Feel free to reach out on Linkedin or Dribbble for either coffee or work inquiries. Take a look at more work below.

[currently] in los angeles, ca