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ui design



art direction

peanut for chrome

a free travel chrome extension

A trusted source to book better trips. Peanut shows important insights you can’t find elsewhere, while you book, for free.

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the story



traveling in 2021 can be scary. it's challenging finding the right information about a destination when booking a trip online.



peanut was founded by travel enthusiasts to help everyone go beyond the basics of booking sites and pick better flights and hotels. peanut offers insights for covid-19, travel restrictions, flight delays and more.

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I was responsible for everything from name and brand all the way through to product, social media and overall art direction. This meant using standards, accessibility and existing libraires to bootstrap, iterate and validate our design.

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Some photos from unsplash
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We focused on user needs first, and worked our way out towards wants. This helped us prioritize what's most important –– knowing key information like restrictions, delays and status requirements. Moving forward, we'll talk to users and solve for new prolems like layovers, medical forms and so much more.

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Photo from unsplash
Some photos from unsplash

As a team, we set out to uncover a vision and work towards it. A more robust companion tool that brought you the best destinations all within a single product outside of our v1 chrome extension. We created several promotional pieces including ads, animations and video tutorials. Learn even more by watching our explainer video below —

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let's connect

Feel free to reach out on Linkedin or Dribbble for either coffee or work inquiries. Take a look at more work below.

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