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Design & direction for Forbes featured Chrome app exposing travel risk, delays & more on google, expedia & booking.com

A trusted source to book better trips. peanut is a free chrome app that shows travel insights you can’t find elsewhere, while you search your favorite sites like Google, Expedia and Booking. Peanut was acquired by Insured Nomads in 2022. The extension provides real-time quotes and enables them to easily purchase insurance with just a few clicks.

Along side a team of less than ten, I was responsible for everything on the design front. From product strategy to product hunt. This meant complete execution across ADA standards, Design Systems, and overall product design. This process led us through research, going to market and an acquisition. Learn more by listening to the podcast interview below.

20+ countries require insurance for entry. Peanut delivers at these critical moments.

Myself and co-founder were fortunate to be interviewed by Tayo Rockson, an influential speaker in the travel space.

Our brand was driven by inspiration sourced from successful folks in the chrome app space. We took to Honey as a guiding benchmark and decided to lead with a warm, yet friendly story revolved around getting through your journey affordably, and efficiently - similar to the peanuts they often serve on flights.

traveling in 2021 can be scary. it's challenging finding the right information about a destination. peanut was founded by travel enthusiasts to help everyone go beyond the basics of booking sites and pick better flights and hotels. peanut offers insights for covid-19, travel restrictions, flight delays and more.



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