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polls on Linkedin

create a poll in 30 seconds or less on linkedin. how professional-grade questions lead to professional grade conversations.

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we all want answers. questions asked on linkedin lead to high engagement numbers. however, with no structure to them, it can be hard to understand results and get value from the data. you know what else is important?



provide a way for members to ask structured questions that return structured answers. this is a great way to foster useful conversations that also result in useful analytics from your audience and get your the answers you need quickly and easily.

Photo from unsplash
Some photos from unsplash

With privacy top of mind — we introduced a quick, easy and fully-virtual way to solicit feedback from your network. asking your network for feedback—and providing it to others in return—is a great way to get relevant and informed input, while also sparking new conversations and discussions with your trusted connections.

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Feel free to reach out on Linkedin or Dribbble for either coffee or work inquiries. Take a look at more work below.

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