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identity & product design for hatch—the easiest way for freelancers to send contracts & get paid

Work with anyone - in minutes. Stop stressing about the admin side of freelancing. Hatch is a simple yet powerful app helping to streamline contract work. Enables freelancers to easily send contracts and get paid in just a few steps. Thats how simple it is. simplicity was one of our driving principles for hatch. i was responsible for everything from brand and product to overall art direction. This meant using ADA standards, accessibility and existing libraries. I was also able to mentor and collaborate with other designers while still leading the overall project.

I also developed a design system in figma. using tokenized naming, auto-layout and atomic design I was able to offer an ADA compliant and scalable kit complete with color, typescale and variants for designers and engineers to use and reference. This system helped streamline dev time and consistency, as well as help simplify translating to react native.

Using roadmaps and sprint planning, I led and collaborated with a small team through visioning, strategy and going to market. Hatch is aimed at letting contractors focus on the work. the brand is a light take on growth using carried over artifacts from an existing product backend, surfaced in a simpler way. hatch currently takes a cut of your hourly rate but there are plans to expand the pay model to be more flexible in the future.



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