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Collab with google surfacing real-time crowd volume at cafes, airports & more

43 Percent Of Total Google Search Queries Are Local. Google saw a lot of query volume from local searches that often led to people navigating to the destination shortly after the search. However, people were often left disappointed when they arrived at the location and found it fully packed and unable to serve them, particularly for restaurants, salons, studios, and commodities. To address this issue, Google's Local Insights team implemented Live Popular Times, a feature that shows real-time data on how busy a place is, to help people make informed decisions before they visit. This case study highlights how Live Popular Times helped increase local search traffic.

A leading objective was to increase local search traffic to businesses that use Google Maps by providing real-time information about how busy a location is.

Live Popular Times has become a valuable feature for businesses and customers alike, helping to manage crowds and improve overall customer satisfaction. With the implementation of this feature, Google has seen a 2-5% increase in local search traffic, making it a valuable addition to their Local Insights framework.



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