Case Studies
Why, hello there
Bookings across Google
Wait Times on Google
My role

Service business support (salons, hotels, studios) is a top need for users + merchants
Today's mesh of transactional UI's
Competitive landscape + common themes
Opportunity + use cases
In 2016, Google saw a surge in local service query volume, opening a new door to connect with customers
I need to make dinner reservations tonight
User flows + explorations
We needed a flexible system for an ever-growing list of partners and verticals
High-level user flow
High-level user flow
High-level user flow
visual design
Leading patterns we tested + converted into a UI library
And how this framework scales between top verticals
interaction design
Familiar patterns in familiar places
Finalized entry point + service selection UI
Checkout details + confirmation states
We created a mobile-first entry point and framework, as well as a pattern library for our partner teams to use
High-level user flow
Take-aways + Next steps
Currently over 600k 28D bookings + 70k merchants with a 17% conversation rate
More projects
Air National Guard
Website Prototype
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