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Local Bookings made easy across Google Search and Maps

Online service transactions are growing and Google wants to support them end to end for verticals like dining, fitness and events

We needed a flexible system to handle our local verticals and potentially 350M places on Google.

Leveraging available and competitive patterns, we then prioritized work based on query volume, and how we planned to work with others. We then developed a template flow that could scale between several verticals, to include dining, fitness, beauty/wellness, hotels, events and services. We tested several flows, patterns and multiple rounds of research from surveys to cafe and rapid user studies, using interactive prototypes.

Icon-driven actions didn't scale well between locales, and didn't allow for customized strings for specific verticals. We decided text only entry points allowed for more localized-friendly real estate. We then worked with production, writers and marketing to align on scope and land a successful product launch.

Ultimately, our v1 was a mobile-optimized MVP. It currently supports web and mobile web. More platforms and verticals supported over time. The UX team worked closely with visual design leads and production designers to standardize components into stickersheets, creating a shareable system for other partners and teams to leverage and test against.

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