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work with anyone, anywhere - in minutes.

A simple yet powerful app helping to streamline contract work. Send contracts, track your time, and get paid. It's that simple. No hoops. No gimmicks. Get it for iOS or Android.

a new way to freelance



I led a team of 5 as an IC and creative director for a new mobile app focusing on helping freelancers. It's aimed at reducing strain on admin work and letting contractors focus on the work. The brand is a light take on growth using carried over artifacts from an existing product backend, surfaced in a simpler way. Hatch currently takes a cut of your hourly rate but there are plans to expand the pay model to be more flexible in the future.

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I was responsible for everything from name and brand all the way through to product, social media and overall art direction. This meant using standards, accessibility and existing libraires to bootstrap, iterate and validate our design using research and prototyping.

Our MVP was focused on the core experience and problem space for freelancers. Upcoming work will be focused on enhancing this new workflow and introducing a variety of features to make your 9-5 even easier and more streamlined.