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visual design



user experience

Design Lead & Art Direction for a social network driven by community & uncurated content

The post whatever-you-want, whenever-you-want, invite only app affectionately called Dump. 3 to 12 photos or videos per post. Tell a story — or don’t, we’re not your parents. Dump is a new kind of social network. I led a small (primarily remote) team through visioning, strategy, execution and going to market. Using roadmaps and sprint planning methods, we designed and developed a brand, design system and an end-to-end scalable product. This allowed us to test and validate every step of the way before, during and after going to market. All while delivering quality features and updates through each release.

No public likes & follows, influencing, social causes (no matter how noble), or politics… save it for twitter and thanksgiving dinner. Dump in peace.

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