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the man, the myth

I moved to ca about 10 years ago after growing up in dc. As a youngster, I spent most of my days drawing and building things. over the years, I've translated that into design. Early on I spent a lot of energy exploring animation, interaction design and working with others.


visual & UX design

using tools like figma & adobe creative suite, I have a passion for creating simple, clean & system friendly products that hold up for years to come.


Interaction design

Marrying visual design with prototyping –– using tools like figma, principle & webflow to help product & engineers understand the in between


strategy & art direction

product roadmapping & vision work. This also may include brand and identity guidence, techincal consulting, as well as animation and motion design.



Shipping products is great, but so is teaching –– I've paved a few paths to help educate others on design process & tools to level up their skills

From automotive to software design –– I believe in clean, sustainable and timeless design. I'm an Illustrator turned full-stack product designer with work featured on Forbes, The Tonight Show, and Tech Crunch. I enjoy helping others navigate design challenges, as well as demystifying complicated problems with simple, scalable solutions driven by research and prototyping.

but wait there's more

I'm an advocate for meaningful motion design, imagery and iterative product thinking. nearly all of my work remains today and continues to evolve off frameworks established years ago. feel free to drop me a line should you wanna connect or join forces in your next project.